Snoopy siblings meet in your Town!

    Experience the Snoopy’s Family Reunion with this new Update. Meet Marbles!
    >> Download the update

    WHAT’S NEW? (Starting March 7th)
    - Marbles is in town! Make him have a good time!
    - Make all the Snoopy siblings perform new animations together.
    - Help Charlie Brown take care of all the puppies.

    NEW CONTENT! (Level 40+ Content)
    - 1 New Character! Marbles!
    - 10 New Decorations like the Belle’s Beauty Studio, Jalapeño Farm and Bubblegum Machine.
    - 10+ New Items like Dog treat, Ball of wool and Cactus.
    - 10 New animations like Shower Time, Cactus shopper and Big band.

    Play Giant Monsters & Destroy Cities!

      Download here the new update to The Sandbox Evolution = Monster Frenzy Update! Smash whole cities and fight the army with giant controllable Monsters Creatures!
      Destroy all buildings in a level to win!!

      + 2 new Giant Monsters with immense strength:
      - The Cyclops and his special Mystic Eyeblast attack
      - The Carcinos and his special Crab Typhoon attack

      + 2 Dinosaurs as Controllable Characters: The Spinosaurus and the T-Rex!

      + 6 Building Segments: make your own skyscrapers by stacking these buildings on top of each other.
      Each has a different power: Rifle Soldier (Attack), Restaurant (Heal), Bouncy (Jump) and Explosive (Explode)

      + 5 new Military Troops and an indestructible Base that spawns them: Fighter Jets, Rifle Soldiers, Homing Rocket Soldiers, Tanks and Helicopters!

      Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Snoopy!

        Happy Valentine’s Day! Snoopy reads a letter from Lila while Lucy, Charlie and Linus struggle to celebrate love.
        Download the latest Event of the game =>

        WHAT’S NEW?
        - Meet Lila! Who is she? Why is Snoopy acting so strange?
        - Share Sweets and Chocolates with your favorite characters.
        - Help Charlie Brown in his first date!

        NEW CONTENT!
        - 1 New Character! Lila!
        - 20+ New Decorations like the Flower Castle, Pink Tree and the Perfumerie.
        - 10+ New Items like Caramel Waffle, Love Breakfast and Walnut Chocolate cookie!
        - 15+ New animations celebrate Valentines

        It’s PIXEL ART COLORING time!

          It’s PIXEL ART COLORING TIME with this new update! => Download it Now!
          Get Ready to Color Pixel Art! Start by choosing from a wide range of pixel art drawings made by the community of Sandboxers. Then it’s your turn to make & share your drawings online for others to colorify

          Fancy a smart way to pass time? Enjoy a zen & relaxing activity and practise your drawing skills at any age!

          New Features:
          - Mini-palette that gives you quick access to your currently selected Palette
          - Unlimited Zoom to be able to show your creations as they were meant to be seen.
          - Image Filters that allow you to make quick transformations to your whole drawing.
          - A link to access the original LineArt level in each “Colored” level.

          Happy New Year 2018!

            Happy New Year Everyone! #2018 We hope you had a great time with friends & family!
            Keep the Fun in 2018 by playing our games: The Sandbox Evolution & Peanuts: Snoopy’s Town Tale